About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery can address various concerns, such as reducing or increasing the size of the nose, altering the shape of the bridge or tip, and correcting nasal asymmetry. Rhinoplasty is also performed to improve breathing difficulties caused by structural issues in the nose. 

During the procedure, the surgeon may make incisions inside the nostrils or across the columella (the tissue between the nostrils) to access and reshape the nasal bones and cartilage. 

  • Average Cost: Starting at $12,000 
  • Typical Recovery Period: Three to Four weeks
  • Discomfort Level: Medium to High
  • Anesthesia: General or Sedation
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What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty means "to shape the nose."

Rhinoplasty, also known as a "nose job," is a procedure that reshapes the nose to improve facial harmony and appearance. It is the second most common cosmetic procedure, with over one million people undergoing it annually.

In addition to enhancing aesthetic appeal, rhinoplasty can also address breathing problems such as nasal congestion and sinus issues. Below is a complete list of rhinoplasty surgeries available at Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.

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    Rhinoplasty in Nashville by Dr. Bryant 

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    Rhinoplasty Procedure at Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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    Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

    Virtually all adult patients with fully developed noses are considered to be good candidates for rhinoplasty. As with any surgical procedure, ideal rhinoplasty candidates are non-smokers who are in both good mental and physical health. Patients struggling with conditions such as hypertension may not be candidates, as this can lead to complications during the procedure or recovery process.

    What Can a Rhinoplasty Procedure Do for Me?

    • Changing the size of the nose (achieving either a bigger or smaller nose)
    • Improving the shape and diameter of the nostrils
    • Addressing an overly large nasal tip
    • Making the bridge of the nose more narrow
    • Bringing the nose into harmony with other facial features
    • Improving the overall facial aesthetic 
    • Treating conditions related to a deviated septum 
    • Treating breathing problems

    How is Rhinoplasty Performed? 

    • Plastic Surgeons modify bone, cartilage, and skin to address functional and cosmetic issues.
    • Two approaches: incisions inside the nose or outside. The open approach provides better visibility; closed approach leaves no visible scars. Dr. Bryant will discuss both options with you in detail and recommend the best approach for your specific needs.
    • Once incisions are made, desired changes are made to nasal substructure before sutures are applied.
    • The procedure typically takes one to three hours under IV sedation or general anesthesia.
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    What are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty Surgeries Offered at Refine? At Refine we offer many different rhinoplasties, we recognize that every patient has their own unique goals when it comes to aesthetics. We strive to understand your specific desires and provide personalized assistance in achieving them.

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    • An open and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty involves an incision along the columella (the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils in the middle of the nose). In contrast, closed rhinoplasty involves incisions made entirely inside the nose.
    • Alar Base Reduction is a popular procedure among African American and Southeast Asian patients, which reduces overly wide nostrils.
    • Nasal tip refinement, also known as nasal tip-plasty, aims to reduce and refine the tip of the nose for a natural, aesthetically pleasing look.
    • The non-surgical solution, liquid rhinoplasty, is available, which involves injecting dermal fillers into the nose to create the desired shape.
    • In-office rhinoplasty is an option for minor issues that can be quickly treated under local anesthesia with or without light oral sedation.
    • Revision rhinoplasty is a follow-up procedure to correct unsatisfactory results from a primary rhinoplasty.
    • Functional rhinoplasty is explicitly designed to address nose issues that inhibit proper function. At the same time, nasal fracture, skin cancer, MOHS, and trauma repair aim to restore the nose's former look after an injury or medical issue.

    Additionally, chin augmentation, chin implants, or fillers can be performed simultaneously with a rhinoplasty to create a more balanced facial appearance.

    If you're considering rhinoplasty in Nashville, we invite you to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Bryant to discuss your options and determine which procedure is right for you.

    Preparing for rhinoplasty? Here are some tips:

    • Meet with your surgeon and surgical care coordinator to review your personal treatment plan and ask questions.
    • Fill prescriptions before surgery, and have pain relief medication like Tylenol on hand.
    • Stock up on recovery essentials like food, water, and a good book, and arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first day.
    • Walk every few hours to reduce the risk of blood clots, eat well, maintain good blood pressure, avoid alcohol and nicotine, and get plenty of rest to aid healing.
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    What to Expect During Your Recovery From Rhinoplasty Procedure?

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    Dr. Bryant will review thorough aftercare instructions with you and provide a dedicated number you can use as a point of contact for any questions or concerns during your recovery.

    During the first week patients can expect the following:

    • Swelling,
    • Bruising
    • Discomfort
    • Nasal congestion
    • Difficulty breathing

    However, the discomfort will be minimal due to Dr. Bryant's technique. A custom-made cast is placed on the nose for about one week to reduce swelling and maintain support. Follow-up appointments are necessary for ideal healing and cosmetic outcome.  

    Rest and avoiding strenuous activity are recommended during this time. Most patients can resume light social activity in 7-10 days but should still avoid contact sports and sun exposure for several months. 

    Not Ready for a Surgical Rhinoplasty? Non-Surgical Options Are Available!

    Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Nashville offers in-office procedures without general anesthesia. He understands patients' concerns about anesthesia and recovery and offers less invasive options such as liquid rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. 

    These procedures have shorter downtime and can be easily performed at REFINE Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Nashville. Additionally, SNAP treatments, which are quick and efficient, are also available. Don't hesitate to consult with Dr. Bryant if you have any fears or concerns about rhinoplasty in Nashville.

    Concierge-Style Boutique Services For Rhinoplasty Patients Traveling to Nashville with Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

    Click here to learn more about our concierge-style boutique services for people traveling to Nashville. 

    If you are a local resident, we serve multiple locations in Tennessee, with our main office in Mt. Juliet, TN. Dr. Bryant also provides consultations in Brentwood, TN, on a restricted schedule and performs surgery at six different surgery centers throughout the greater metropolitan area, including Nashville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Mt Juliet, and Hermitage, Tennessee.

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    Why Choose Dr. Bryant as Your Nashville Rhinoplasty Surgeon? Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

    Dr. Lucas Bryant

    Dr. Lucas Bryant is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon in Tennessee, who offers unparalleled expertise in even the most complex nasal surgical techniques.

    His customized approach combines listening to each patient’s concerns and goals and then using his wide variety of techniques to sculpt and shape each patient’s nose to perfection. With his experience, training, and skill, Dr. Bryant can provide patients with a true-to-you result, whether they desire subtle or dramatic changes.

    Begin Your Rhinoplasty Journey with a Personalized Consultation with Dr. Bryant

    Dr. Bryant provides rhinoplasty consultations in a friendly and relaxed environment, where he listens to your individual nose concerns to create a customized treatment plan. He offers photo morphing to help clarify goals and possible outcomes, but surgical results are not guaranteed. The consultation empowers each patient to make the best choice for them, as surgery may not be the right choice for everyone.

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    Rhinoplasty FAQs

    Can I wear glasses after my nose surgery?

    Will I be able to go home after my Rhinoplasty?

    Does Rhinoplasty leave visible scars?

    Can I wear glasses after my nose surgery?

    It is usually recommended that patients wait at least three weeks after their surgery before wearing glasses again.

    Will I be able to go home after my Rhinoplasty?

    Yes. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, meaning that patients will leave on the same day of the surgery. However, they must arrange a ride for themselves beforehand as they will still be under the influence of anesthesia for several hours.

    Does Rhinoplasty leave visible scars?

    Depending on the type of incision technique employed, a Rhinoplasty procedure may or may not leave visible scars. With a closed technique, all of the incisions are internal, meaning that the scars are not visible. With an open technique, however, there may be a small scar across the columella (strip of flesh between the nostrils).

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