Ethnic rhinoplasty is a unique rhinoplasty procedure that sculpts your ideal nose and smooths nose imperfections but ensures that the cultural elements and aesthetic qualities that speak to your heritage are preserved. 

What does ethnic rhinoplasty achieve?

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Ethnic rhinoplasty is when Dr. Bryant refines the shape and size of the nose without detracting from or erasing their ethnic identity. Different ethnicities often share special nasal characteristics, including the width of the bridge of the nose, nostril shape and size, nasal projection, nasal tip shape, and others. These unique qualities are a part of the beauty and heritage of your facial features. Dr. Bryant achieves nuanced, beautiful results without compromising the integrity of the characteristics that speak to your heritage, be it Indian, Latino, Middle Eastern, African-American, or others.

Rhinoplasty Procedure at Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty Procedure at Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

What happens during the ethnic rhinoplasty surgical procedure?

The ethnic rhinoplasty surgical procedure is similar to that of the traditional rhinoplasty, using the techniques of open or closed rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty 

The incision is made at the base of the nostrils, outside of the nose. Using this technique, Dr. Bryant can lift the upper flap of your nose in order to make structural changes to the nasal cartilage and bones. This technique is required for more significant nasal changes and enhancements.

Closed Rhinoplasty 

The incisions are made within the nostrils, resulting in no visible scarring of any kind.This technique is ideal for more subtle nasal chances. 

Wherever the location of the incisions, Dr. Bryant is extremely precise, ensuring there is no scarring at all, or that scars visible on the outside of the nose are nearly imperceptible.

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Before & After Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Recovery after ethnic rhinoplasty

Typically patients may return to work and normal daily activities in 1-2 weeks. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks; no contact sports for 6-8 weeks.

Although not expected, you may experience bruising underneath you eyes which will slow resolve during your post-operative recovery period.

Sleep with your head elevated for two weeks following the procedure. 
Your nose will continue to heal and settle over the following year or more. 

Dr. Bryant will have follow-up appointments during the first several weeks to ensure your incisions are healing well and the healing process is going to plan.

What are the benefits of ethnic rhinoplasty? 

Ethnic rhinoplasty is specially customized to your specific needs, respecting your ethnicity while achieving your aesthetic goals. Patients can enjoy a number of positive benefits:

  • Corrects nasal flaws
  • Improves the shape and size of your nose
  • Is designed to takes your skin type and scarring potential into consideration
  • Typically can preserve the length of the nasal bone 
  • Brings your facial features into symmetrical harmony
  • Corrects breathing concerns (deviated septum)
  • Preserves your unique heritage and beauty 
  • Improves confidence
  • Can narrow and refine the bridge of the nose
  • Can raise the bridge of the nose
  • Can narrow the width of the nostrils
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Who is a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty?

Men and women who would like to correct nasal imperfections are likely suitable candidates for an ethnic rhinoplasty if they meet the following criteria:

  • Their nose has fully matured
  • Are in good physical health
  • Have realistic expectations about what ethnic rhinoplasty can achieve
  • Are unhappy with certain aspects of the appearance of their nose
  • Have breathing difficulties, such as a deviated septum
  • Have disproportional nostrils or other nasal symmetry concerns
  • Would like to preserve the nasal qualities that speak to their ethnicity

Why choose Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics for ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a precision procedure that requires extra care, expertise, and attention to detail.  To create a more aesthetically attractive nose while retaining the patient’s cultural identity, experience and a high level of training are vital. 

Dr. Lucas Bryant is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. He specializes and is an expert in rhinoplasty procedures such as ethnic rhinoplasties. He takes a personalized, custom approach to every patient and procedure to provide patients with their exact aesthetic goals with the most modern, advanced techniques. His outcomes are natural-looking and beautiful. 

After completing his surgical residency, Dr. Bryant was honored to be awarded the Orlando Roe Award for his outstanding contributions to clinical research in the field of facial plastic surgery. This prestigious award is named after Dr. Orlando Roe, who is credited for performing the first rhinoplasty in 1887.

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