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Volume in All The Right Places Facial fat grafting, also known as facial fat injections, or fat transfer, repurposes your body’s own fat to increase volume in deflated areas of the face.

By restoring volume to hollow areas of the face, a patient can take years off their perceived age. The key to a natural, elegant result is using a customized approach. Dr. Bryant’s experience and training with facial fat grafting in Nashville, ensures precise placement in the anatomically appropriate region to ensure a natural rejuvenation and not a “treated” look.

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Benefits of Fat Grafting

Imaging removing excess body fat and a more youthful face in one surgery! Facial fat injections provide two incredible benefits in a single procedure. With just one short recovery period, patients can accomplish a slimmer, more toned physique and enhance the face.

The fat grafting procedure works by harvesting fat from areas with excess fatty tissue buildups, such as the abdomen, hips, arms, saddlebags, flanks, or side. Liposuction is used to provide surgical fat reduction. This fat is then washed and purified to prepare for injection. Then, Dr. Bryant places the fat cells in a cannula. Using a precise injection method, he carefully injects the fat in long strings into the fat layer beneath the skin.

The fat cells are living and will attach to the existing fat structures in the face. The needle or cannula allows Dr. Bryant to add fat to the face strategically, ensuring it is placed in the desired area alone.

Additional fat transfer methods involve using different portions of the harvested fat product, and different volumes. A micro-fat transfer is used for precise placement in thin areas for more consistent dispersion. Nano-fat transfer methods help build robust skin and subtle volume. Nano-fat relies on adipose (fat cell) stem cells and the growth factors isolated during the procedure.

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Benefits of Enhancing Your Face Using Natural Body Fat

While implants and dermal fillers are staples in many aesthetic doctors’ practices, these days patients around the world have expressed a desire for natural alternatives to implants and facial fillers. While implants and fillers are considered safe, low-risk procedures, using natural body fat is even safer.

Since the fat cells come from the patient’s own body, there are almost zero risks of allergy or rejection. Real fat is an excellent natural alternative to dermal cheek fillers, lip augmentation fillers, lip implants, cheek implants, temple fillers, and more. And unlike dermal implants and cosmetic injectables, the results of a fat graft are permanent. It is normal for some fat cells to die off in the first few months of the procedure. However, the fat cells that remain a few months post-op are the permanent result.

The injected fat is alive. It becomes part of the living tissue. Implants, on the other hand, are long-term devices. While they are considered permanent forms of augmentation, it is possible that these medical devices may not last a lifetime. Replacing implants may be necessary eventually. Another benefit is that real fat has a texture and composition that is unlike anything else found in nature or the laboratory. While implants do a good job replicating human tissue, nothing beats the real thing. Natural fat has a supple feeling that provides an incredibly natural-looking appearance and sensation. For patients that desire a subtle enhancement that doesn’t run the risk of looking fake, fat injections are an ideal choice.

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What to Expect from Facial Fat Grafting

A facial fat transfer in Nashville may require light sedation or general anesthesia depending on the amount of fat that is removed and the patient’s preference for being awake during the procedure. Dr. Bryant works with six surgical centers in the area. Facial fat injections may be performed along with other procedures if needed. Modern liposuction is performed using the latest techniques to prevent skin rippling for a smooth result. Fat injections are a low-pain procedure. Fat transfer is commonly performed alongside other facial rejuvenation treatments such as facelift or rhinoplasty.

Pre-Procedure Appointment

Before your procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Bryant and his surgical care coordinator. A consultation allows you to discuss your aesthetic concerns, goals, and all your questions with Dr. Bryant. Your personal treatment plan will be reviewed and you’ll be provided with all preoperative and post-operative instructions — as well as medication if needed.

Post-Procedure Experience

The recovery time may vary based on the extent of liposuction. The less fat that is removed, the less discomfort is experienced after the procedure. Tenderness, swelling, and bruising are temporary and common responses to liposuction fat removal. Fat injections into the face have few side effects and risks, although mild, temporary bruising and injection site redness are possible, along with swelling. Most patients can get back to work just a few days after the procedure.

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