“Before my visit to Dr. Bryant I was having trouble breathing and my nose was practically shaped like a “C.” It was a huge frustration and interfered with basically any task. Without a doubt, Dr. Bryant did his job and more. He fixed my breathing and made my nose PERFECT.”

Eli, Nashville

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Beautiful woman with her hair curled and in an updo
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A Difference You Can Feel The REFINE surgery process

Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Nashville

For Dr. Lucas Bryant, Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is more than just a name — it is the motivating force that drives his practice.

Dr. Bryant is innovative, research-driven, honest, and compassionate, and wanted to create a space in the aesthetic community that reflected those values. Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is the result of that vision: a pristine, modernized center for facial plastic surgery in Nashville with access to the most exciting new procedures in aesthetic medicine today. As Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics' founder and director, Dr. Bryant employs proven and innovative techniques to make sure that each procedure meets his precise standards for excellence.

Explore Our Treatments Expert procedures. Southern hospitality.

Nashville Plastic Surgery and Medspa Treatments

Lift & Shape

Dr. Bryant knows that your face is not just your first impression. It is also the place where the signs of aging and poor health are the most visible.


Dr. Bryant’s innovative facial contouring procedures address areas of concern and revitalize your look without appearing overdone or fake.


There have been exciting innovations in non-surgical treatment options, and Dr. Bryant is at the forefront of the non-surgical aesthetic movement.


Injectables can provide lasting results without long recovery times, especially when administered under the supervision of a highly trained professional like Dr. Bryant.

"Dr. Bryant and his staff were amazing! He explained the procedure in detail before my surgery. His nurse called me several times during the week after my procedure, and I am beyond happy with the results. I will definitely be recommending Dr. Bryant."

Becky, Tennessee

Dr. Lucas Bryant, plastic surgeon in Nashville
Dr. Bryant, plastic surgeon in an operating room

Meet Dr. Lucas Bryant Changing the face of plastic surgery

Dr. Lucas Bryant is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Nashville who believes in using honesty and excellence in order to achieve beautiful results. From personalized consultations and surgical outcomes to post-operative care and follow-up, the REFINE team is there every step of the way.

Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials

Dr. Bryant believes the doctor-patient relationship is one built around trust. At Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, patients from Nashville and around the globe will find a safe and judgment-free environment where they can be honest with Dr. Bryant about the parts of their bodies they want to change. This is a personal journey. Dr. Bryant knows that his role on your journey is to make his expertise available to you, not to sell you products or treatments you don’t need to achieve your goals.

For Dr. Bryant, achieving improved results through techniques that are less invasive and offer faster recovery times means a better experience for his patients—a REFINED experience. REFINE invites you to see what makes us different from other practices. Dr. Bryant uses a unique and artistic approach for each patient. Schedule a consultation to discover REFINE facial plastic surgery in Nashville.

Meet Dr. Bryant
Aesthetic image of woman touching her chin

In-Office Use of Local Anesthesia

What makes Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics unique is that many procedures can be done under local anesthesia. Patients do not have to go to a surgery center or hospital and are not intubated.  

Dr. Bryant, facial plastic surgeon in Nashville, sitting in office

Refined Approach You can trust your face to us.

The REFINE Surgery Philosophy

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Woman looking to the side, touching her chin

We’re glad you’re here. REFINE Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is a boutique cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery practice based in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area.

Owned and operated by Dr. Lucas Bryant, our work is grounded in honest communication and excellence in surgical care. Our personalized approach to facial rejuvenation is based on creating customized treatment plans for each patient.

REFINE specializes exclusively in plastic surgery of the face and neck, as well as nonsurgical treatments. We understand choosing to undergo a procedure is personal. So we begin each patient relationship with a custom consultation to help you make the decision that feels right for you.

Refined Results We love what we do, and our patients do too.

Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials
1 / 10

Dr. Lucas Bryant is a wonderful doctor and plastic surgeon. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, kind and easygoing. He performed upper and lower eyelid surgery on me two months ago and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out — I highly recommend him!

Nashville Blepharoplasty Patient

When I heard there was an option for rejuvenating my face and neck without a facelift, I wanted to know more. Dr. Bryant listened to my wish list and gave me information specific to me and my needs/wants.

Nashville Injectables Patient

Recovery was fast! I'm glad I took the time to do something for myself. And I have not used a photo filter since my procedure :) I highly recommend Dr. Bryant for anything face and neck.

Nashville Facial Contouring Patient

I am day 9 post-op for a chin implant and neck liposuction. I am happier than I even imagined. The trip was 10000% worth it.

Nashville Jawline Contouring Patient

I have had other cosmetic procedures done and just from Instagram, I could tell that Dr. Bryant was going to be my surgeon for anything I would enhance or fix on my face. I had gotten 4 rounds of Kybella under my chin and I was still very disappointed with my results. I wish I could have just done this years ago.

Nashville Facial Contouring Patient

Dr. Bryant is knowledgeable, talented with his craft, and above all LISTENS. I was completely confident in the entire process.

Nashville Facial Plastic Surgery Patient

His staff is also very lovely and caring. His new facility is nice and updated and they work with your schedule to fit you in where is best for you.

Nashville Neck Lift Patient

I already plan to schedule my next procedure with Dr. Bryant. Thank you so much. I recommend him to everyone and can’t shut up about my results!

Nashville Jawline Contouring Patient

Dr. Bryant is an excellent surgeon. He was kind and caring, and never tired of my endless questions before and after surgery. I am very happy with the minimally invasive procedure that reduced the size and shape of my nose.

Nashville Rhinoplasty Patient

He helped me achieve a natural result using Botox on my forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. I appreciated his conservative approach and would highly recommend him to anyone. So happy! Well worth the price!!!

Nashville Botox Patient

Reviews media

Watch Dr. Bryant's feature on The Dana Cortez Show

Look 10 years with under eye surgery! Watch This Before & After!

Patient Care REFINED Innovation + Integrity

Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Signature Procedures

Woman touching her face with both hands


Changing your nose changes your visual identity more than any other facial plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Bryant is careful to give you opportunities to see what that change will look like before it is made permanent through rhinoplasty, then crafts a new nose that looks like it has been there all along.

Beautiful older woman smiling, sun shining on her face


Dr. Bryant is Nashville’s facelift expert. An award-winning researcher and surgeon, Dr. Bryant carefully studied thousands of facelift procedures to determine what worked and failed. That knowledge allowed him to come up with a deep plane facelift technique that is truly unique - with results that must be seen to be believed.

Close up of womans eye


Droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, sagging skin, and sunken eyes are among the most common issues around the eyes. To address these issues, Dr. Bryant offers his Nashville patients blepharoplasty - commonly known as an eyelift. This surgical procedure reduces the signs of aging around the eyes and tightens the skin.

View of womans shoulder and face from the back

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a permanent surgery that results in a fuller upper lip. This is done by pulling the upper lip slightly upwards and removing excess skin between the mouth and nose, resulting in a younger appearance and fuller lips. Dr. Bryant’s lip lifts are undetectable, and the results will have you smiling.

Close up of middle aged woman's eyes

Brow Lift

As we age, the muscles around our foreheads weaken and the skin loses its elasticity, first forming fine lines and then deeper creases. Dr. Bryant can reverse these telltale signs of aging discreetly with a brow lift - a long-lasting surgical procedure that removes wrinkles, fine lines, and excess skin. His goal is to make these changes in a way that is imperceptible — and not raise any eyebrows in the process.

Woman with curly hair

Botox & Fillers

All injectables are NOT created equal! While they may not require as much training to execute as an actual surgery, injectables still need to be used with care and precision. Dr. Bryant takes care to use Botox and other injection techniques when and where they make sense as part of your plan for your appearance.

“When I heard there was an option for rejuvenating my face and neck without a facelift, I wanted to know more. Dr. Bryant listened to my wish list and gave me information specific to me and my needs/wants.”

Debbie, Nashville

Dr. Lucas Bryant, facial plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN
Nashville facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bryant

REFINED Understanding Sharing the gift of knowledge

Publications and Media Appearances

Dr. Bryant believes a key part of being a doctor is sharing knowledge—whether that is with patients, fellow doctors, or the public at large. As an award-winning researcher and dedicated communicator, Dr. Bryant makes sure that others in the aesthetic surgery space benefit from his knowledge and insight whenever called upon to answer questions. He has written for medical textbooks on plastic surgery techniques and his research studies have revolutionized our understanding of how to minimize risks when performing facelifts.

Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials
Doctor credentials

Medical Tourism REFINED Rejuvenate the body and mind with an aesthetic vacation.

Out of Town Concierge Services

Nashville skyline

Not from Nashville? We treat patients from all over. Based on one of the most celebrated and exciting cities in America, Dr. Bryant offers "Aestheti-cation" packages for REFINE's out of town patients.

Our concierge team will make sure everything is taken care of for you as you fly in, enjoy Nashville’s charm, and then have your procedure performed by the steady and capable Dr. Bryant at Refine Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics' world-class facilities.

Following your procedure with Dr. Bryant, you can recuperate in luxury and peace in Mt. Juliet, a quiet community located a short car ride away from downtown Nashville - and just minutes from REFINE (should you have any questions about your procedure). Your travel, accommodations, and post-operative transportation can all be handled by our concierge team. By the time you are ready to leave, your new look will be ready to travel with you!

Get started with a Concierge Plan

Refined Treatments. Elegant Results. Schedule a Consultation

Experience the transformative difference that working with Dr. Bryant can have on your life. Schedule a consultation with us in Nashville today.

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